In the Shadow of the Moon Trailer Arrives for Netflix’s Sci-Fi Serial Killer Thriller

Netflix has debuted the first trailer for their upcoming psychological science fiction thriller, In the Shadow of the Moon, and it looks to be quite the trip. The trailer reveals the first official look at the film, giving us a few details surrounding the mysterious, paranormal plot, which centres around a serial killer who resurfaces several years after her apparent death.

The official synopsis from the streaming site reads as follows: A Philadelphia detective slowly unravels as he nurses a lifelong obsession with an enigmatic female serial killer whose crimes defy explanation.

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The aforementioned serial killer will be played by The Last Man on Earth’s Cleopatra Coleman, who has a penchant for killing her victims by puncturing them in the back of the neck. After wreaking havoc and killing several people in 1988, she seemingly falls into the path of an oncoming train and dies. Unfortunately, as is often the case with cinematic serial killers, it seems death was merely temporary as she reemerges nine years later and picks up where she left off, puncturing tool in hand.

This of course provides a problem for our heroically-named moustachioed police detective, Thomas Lockhart, played by The Predator star Boyd Holbrook, whose life falls into mind-bending chaos as he seeks to discover how his nemesis has returned, and how she is tied to the world’s impending doom.

The film looks to be as dark and gloomy as one would expect from a supernatural serial killer jaunt, and though it begins rather typically, the quick glimpses of Giger-esque pods and time reversals, along with the cryptic warnings from our neck-puncturing killer, provide real intrigue as to how all of this will tie together, and what exactly Detective Lockhart has gotten himself into. The poor guy was no doubt looking forward to a simple serial killer case.

In the Shadow of the Moon was announced in February 2018, and features the directing talent behind the brilliant, sadly overlooked, crime thriller Cold in July. Speaking about the project back when it was in its early stages, Mickle stated, “Gregory [Weidman] and Geoff’s [Tock] script is such a great mind bender and beautifully weaves together all my favorite genres, Boyd [Holbrook] is going to eat this role alive and show why he’s one of the best young actors working today. We’re lucky to have an incredibly talented producing team and a home like Netflix that’s excited to take chances. Any studio that makes Okja has a permanent place in my heart.”

In the Shadow of the Moon is far from the only original feature hitting Netflix in September, including The Spy, Unbelievable, Criminal, The Politician and the curious Between Two Ferns: The Movie starring Zach Galifianakis.

Get ready to uncover the mystery of In the Shadow of the Moon when it is released on September 27. This comes direct from the Netflix Youtube Channel.

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