Rick Grimes Walking Dead Movie Teaser Trailer Just Dropped at Comic-Con

We have a bombshell for zombie lovers out of San Diego Comic-Con: The Walking Dead is officially coming to the big screen. AMC, Skybound and Universal Pictures have revealed an ominous, brief teaser for the untitled Rick Grimes Walking Dead movie movie, which will bring back the character of Rick Grimes, as portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. Not much has been revealed at this time, but we now know this is going to be a theatrically-released event.

The teaser truly is just meant to give a sense of atmosphere. We see a helicopter flying toward a city skyline. Dark and eerie score is playing in the background. Everything is cloaked in heavy shadow. We don’t actually see any characters appear on screen. Then The Walking Dead title card is revealed, before the classic theme from the show kicks in. We then get the big reveal in the form of the massive tag at the end, which reads as follows.

“Rick Grimes Returns Only In Theaters.”

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