Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Fan-Made Sequel Trailer Brings Back Miko Hughes as Dylan

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is getting a fan film sequel, and horror star Miko Hughes will reprise the role of Dylan Porter. In 1994, Wes Craven released the cult classic horror movie, which is considered by many fans to be the best follow-up to A Nightmare on Elm Street. To commemorate the movie’s 25th anniversary, a group of filmmakers have announced the fan film follow-up, which will bring back Hughes in the same role.

Called Dylan’s New Nightmare, the project is now currently in the crowdfunding stage with the official Indiegogo campaign now live. A teaser trailer with Hughes has also been released for the movie, and you can take a look at it below.

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Dylan’s New Nightmare is a not-for-profit fan film sequel, meaning it is not officially affiliated with New Line Cinema or the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Set 25 years after the events of the original movie, it follows Miko Hughes as a grown-up version of Dylan, picking up when the nightmares featuring the evil entity who takes the form of Freddy Krueger appears once again. The movie will also feature voice actor Dave McRae portraying the fan film’s version of Freddy, and you can hear his voice in the teaser trailer. Also included are references to Heather Langenkamp and Wes Craven, both of whom appeared in the original meta-slasher movie.

For the course of six movies, Robert Englund played Freddy Krueger until the character was killed off in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. When Craven returned to the franchise soon after to helm the next installment of the series, he took the story behind the camera, setting it in the “real world.” Many of the stars from A Nightmare on Elm Street played themselves, including Heather Langenkamp as the movie’s lead character. It also featured Hughes as her young son Dylan in the movie, with the two targeted by a demonic force taking on the form of Freddy Krueger to torment them. It’s very different from the other installments of the franchise, but nonetheless one of the most popular.

Dylan’s New Nightmare is the brainchild of Cecil Laird, who runs the YouTube channel The Horror Show. While there have been other Nightmare on Elm Street fan films in the past, this one is interesting in its own way as it appears to be the first which serves as a sequel to New Nightmare. It also brings in the horror fan film experts for additional help bringing the movie to life, with Vincente DiSanti (Never Hike Alone) producing and Rene Rivas (The Spirit of Haddonfield) as both a producer and Director of Photography. FaceOff contestant Nora Hewitt is also on board as the Special Make-Up and FX Supervisor.

I never thought I’d see Hughes back in the role of Dylan Porter as a grown-up, but it certainly has my attention. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how it turns out. You can donate to the campaign or find out more information by heading to Indiegogo. The Dylan’s New Nightmare trailer comes to us from The Horror Show on YouTube.